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President’s Message
Bits and Pieces of Interesting Stuff
Farewell, MarcoM
Houston IBM 39 in the Spotlight
BIG NEWS from San Antonio TAOM 2011
Beware of Dream Vampires
The Last Word
President’s Message


All magicians know that October is an important month.  Harry Houdini, probably the world’s most famous magician, passed away on October 31, 1926.  That is over eighty years ago!  It is amazing to think about what a lasting legacy he left and how much he continues to impact magicians today.
Mark Weidhaas, National President of the Society of American Magicians, proclaimed the week of October 25 to October 31 as National Magic Week throughout the United States and Canada. For more than forty years the Society has recognized the anniversary of the death of Harry Houdini with a special “week” of events to highlight the charitable work of the Society throughout the year.
     Each year governors, mayors and other governing bodies throughout the country are requested to issue proclamations declaring the last week in October as National Magic Week, encouraging magicians throughout the country to participate in the activities.
     The Society of American Magicians adopted the idea of National Magic Week as a way of promoting the Art of Magic by performing shows at orphanages, hospitals and nursing homes for those who would have difficulty getting to a theatre to see a live performance. The members of the Society of American Magicians that participate in these shows find it a rewarding activity. Many people enjoy magic shows during this week that otherwise would not be able to do so.
     For details about National Magic Week, go to

     I look forward to another great year of magic.
Justin Botter
TAOM President



Sunday, November 7th at 1:00 p.m.
Where: I.A.T.S.E. Hall, 3030 North Freeway (I-45).
Cost: Admission is only $3.00 (free for S.A.M. Assembly 19 and H.A.O.M. members)
What: Lots of tricks, books, props, posters, etc., auctioned from the stage and on the silent auction tables.
How: If you have effects you’d like to turn into cash, bring them to the I.A.T.S.E. Hall on Saturday, November 6, between 1:00 and 4:00 p.m.
Who:  Contact Doug Kornegay at 713-290-9982 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 713-290-9982 FREE  end_of_the_skype_highlighting for more information.
*  * * * *
Joan Lehr Update
Dallas magicians welcomed Joanie Lehr enthusiastically in September to her first magic club meeting in many moons.  She continues to grow stronger and increase rehabilitation activities.  She can now lift the leg that had only minuscule movement in one toe a few months ago.  While the wheelchair is still her primary means of locomotion, she can navigate a walker with the assistance of her physical therapist.  “Doctor” Chuck is her staunchest supporter, nurse, and cheerleader.  Send your good wishes and kind thoughts to Joanie at

* * * * *
October 27 at 9:00 p.m. – Jamie Salinas and Scott Well’s highly-acclaimed Magic Séance continues at La Carafe, 813 Congress in Houston.  Come at 8:00 p.m. to meet the performers; show starts at 9:00.  For more information, click on http://www.houstonseance.com/
* * * * *
Magic Show
October 29 at 7:00 p.m. — one-hour Magic Show at McAllen Civic Center Auditorium 
(Lion’s Club fundraiser) starring San Antonio IBM Ring 18 President Dave King.
* * * * *
Magic Show
October 30 at 7:00 p.m. — 45-minute Magic Show (with local warm-up acts) at the Palace Threatre in Seguin(Monster Mash/Blood Drive fundraiser, sponsored by Seguin Performing Arts Company) starring San Antonio IBM Ring 18 President Dave King.
* * * * *
Magic Show
November 13 at 7:00 p.m. – Full evening magic show featuring Jamie Salinas and his final production of 2010 at the Hilton Americas Hotel, 1600 Lamar, in downtown Houston.  Rick Hebert entertains with strolling magic before the stage show begins at 8:00 p.m.  For details, go to
http://toptalentproductions.com/ * * * * *

Farewell, MarcoM


     Doctor Ralph Marcom, also known as MarcoM the Mountebank, passed away Wednesday morning the 13th of October. He was an honored Life Member of the Texas Association of Magicians, past president of the organization, and winner of multiple TAOM contest trophies.  His voice mesmerized audiences at dozens of conventions and his wit and depth of knowledge left this listeners awed and entertained.  He was a prolific author who wrote for many publications, including monthly articles for LINKING RING magazine, for many years.
     A well-respected physician, MarcoM practiced medicine in Honey Grove Texas, where he and his wife Gloria lived in a hauntingly wonderful three-story antebellum mansion. Those who were fortunate enough to be invited to their annual three-day wild-and-crazy Halloween parties remember the dungeon, coffin (with a skeleton of “Houdini when he was a child”), through-the-wall deer mount, suit of armor, and Ralph’s extensive collections of magic, weapons, antiques, books, and collectibles. He and Gloria, in her award-winning persona of Vampira, performed many years at renaissance fairs.
     Ralph died a few days after suffering a stroke.  Evoking a fitting sense of the macabre, he died  in the same room in the same Paris, Texas, hospital where Gloria had done so eight years earlier.


Houston IBM Ring 39 in the Spotlight


  While Houston’s three magic clubs work jointly to promote magic, each has its own officers and separate meetings.  This gives local magicians the option of attending more than one meeting a month and offers more performing opportunities.
Houston IBM Ring 39 was chartered in August of 1945 and has been an active club in the International Brotherhood of Magicians ever since.  Currently, monthly meetings are held on the fourth Monday of each month at Bayou Manor, 4141 South Braeswood in Southwest Houston.  Meetings are structured into four segments: (1) 30-minute teach-in, (2) short business meeting, (3) planned program of magic, and (4) open mike for all performers.   The teach-in and planned program generally follow a single theme and open mike performers are encouraged to choose effects to compliment.
Scott Hollingsworth was elected president of Ring 39 in February of 2010 and has led the group with vigor and enthusiasm.  Vice President Bill Palmer brings years of experience and a steady hand to guide the organization.  Secretary Judy Donaldson keeps accurate records of membership and activities and submits reports and photos to Linking Ring Magazine and the Houston magic newsletter, The Wizard’s Report. Treasurer Bob Fostok writes the checks and keeps the books.  Sergeant-at-Arms Johan McElroy sets up a buffet fit for a king and makes sure the facilities are in order.  In addition to the officers, the Board of Directors includes immediate Past President Michael Thomas, Rick Hebert, Gene Protas, and IBM Territorial Representative Scott Wells.
The club is fortunate to have the use of the lovely little stage at Bayou Manor.  It is an ideal setting for any type magic show.  Ring 39 members give freely of their time and talents to the residents of the retirement home by providing entertainment at an annual Grandparents’ Day celebration and party.   The annual flea market is one of the club’s highlights where magic is bought and sold, traded and bartered.
Ring 39 officers and members welcome all guests and magicians, whether amateur, professional, collector, builder, dealer, or lover of magic.  For more information, go to


BIG NEWS from San Antonio TAOM 2011


     Want to win $1000.00?  Yep, that’s one thousand dollars.  Well, if you have a great stage act and are ready to compete, here’s your chance!
San Antonio will award a $1000 cash prize to the “Audience Favorite” at the 2011 TAOM stage contest.  The stage contest will be open to the public and the audience will decide the winner.  This cash prize is entirely separate from the TAOM trophies awarded by magician judges.
No more information is available at this time, but details about this year’s additional contest award will be posted at

www.taom2011.com early in 2011.  
     Remember, you must be registered for the 2011 TAOM convention in order to compete. 

Beware of Dream Vampires


  By Scott Hollingsworth

     They lurk in our businesses, our families, and our social organizations. They are real. They are everywhere. And they will suck you dry if you let them.
Dream vampires drain the life force right out of you when you share your dreams and ideas.
You look for fang marks on your neck, but they are nowhere to be found. Then you realize that dream vampires don’t have fangs. They have negative energy that buries your goals, ideas and dreams.
Dream vampires bash your dreams. They say, “You can’t do that. How are you going to get by? Are you living in fantasyland? Get back to the real world. It’s too risky. You should do thus-and-so instead.”
Dream vampires pile negative feedback on your goals. They say, “Let me tell you about a friend who tried the same thing and failed. Do you realize what kind of problems you will be facing? Did I tell you how my life stinks? Don’t you know nothing goes right?”
The words may be less harsh, but the results are the same. Once you allow a dream vampire to start sucking, it’s difficult to break free. Don’t let it get started. Be prepared to neutralize a dream vampire at the beginning. You don’t need a wooden stake or garlic.
These three proven action steps will defeat the dream vampire’s power.
Step 1. Look in The Mirror: Are you the vampire? If you pay attention to your thoughts and words, you can eliminate the vampire inside yourself. Examine your thoughts frequently to determine if your attitude is positive or negative.
Step 2. Surround Yourself With “Can-Do” People: Take a look at the people in your life who tell you, “It can’t be done.” or “There’s no way.” Do you allow these dream vampires to determine whether or not you are capable? If so, you are giving away your powers to them. You must decide to reclaim that power. Their negativity is contagious—in your office, in relationships, in your family, and in your business. Surround yourself with people who respect themselves and can help you get the job done.
Step 3. Challenge and Reform: Tell the dream vampires that you do not want negativism. They may not realize that their attitude is a dangerous, harmful force. Ask for support, positive feedback, and encouragement. If they just don’t see it or refuse, you may have to issue an ultimatum. You might say, “This is my goal. This is where I am going. If you’re going to be a dream vampire, then I can’t be around you.”
Set big goals for the coming year. Neutralize the dream vampires that come into your life. They are everywhere looking for their next victim. Will you be that victim? If all else fails, get out the wooden stakes and garlic. If that doesn’t work, you’d better call… Buffy!
Kidding aside, remember that with a positive attitude nothing can stop you!


The Last Word


We, as magicians, need to take advantage of the beginning of the holiday season to promote magic.  National Magic Week kicks off the busiest time of the year for entertainers and it affords all magic clubs the opportunity to garner publicity to let the world know that our talents are available.  If your club didn’t get a proclamation from the Mayor (or whomever) this year, why not make a note on your 2011 calendar to do it?  It doesn’t cost anything and is sure to give you some free advertising in the local paper.  Don’t forget to call the television and radio stations; you might have a spot on the evening news.
You don’t have to wait until next year!  Drum up interest in magic by promoting any event through whatever means is available.  The only bad publicity is none.
Please send me links or information about what you or your club does to publicize magic in the coming months.
Judy Donaldson
TAOM Club Coordinator





Judy Donaldson, Club Coordinator | 2111 West Bayshore Drive | Palacios | TX | US | 77465

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