October 2009

The President’s Message

Welcome to this great month of magic. I hope you enjoy this  newsletter.  The effort I put forth is a pure labor of love. I am gratified by all the emails and calls from members expressing their appreciation for last month’s newsletter

The last three months are the busiest time of the year for all magicians. This month, especially, is important for magic  It is amazing to remember that, even though Houdini died over 80 years ago on October 31, his legacy and fame live on.

National Magic Week honoring his life creates an opportunity for all magicians to reach out to their communities to promote their magic clubs and personal businesses.

The S.A.M. (see link above) website has sample proclamation forms ideal to submit to your local governing body. Publicity generated will increase your community’s awareness of magic as a performing art. Many magicians and local clubs use this publicity to showcase their charitable efforts to give of their time and talents to worthwhile organizations and institutions. Please  share your entertaining abilities with your friends, your compeers, your communities, and the great State of Texas.

It’s a win-win-win situation — you will  benefit, your community will benefit, and the Texas Association of Magicians will be stronger for your efforts

One of the most valuable resources for  Texas magicians is the TAOM website. Have you visited www.taom.org lately? Webmaster Billy Godfrey (enigmar@gmail.com) has made some exiting changes recently. You can find information on meeting dates and places for magic clubs throughout the state. If your club is listed on the “Magic Clubs” page, please check the information for accuracy. If your club is not listed, please send pertinent information to Billy. The “Performing in Texas” page has listings for TAOM members’ regular performance scheduels. If you have listed your schedule on that page in the past, please check to make sure your information is still current. I could go on and on about all the great sections and pages on the website, but  I want you to check it out for yourself! You’ll be glad you did.
If you’d rather not receive this monthly newsletter, please scroll to the bottom of the page for an automatic opt-out.


Get to Know Your TAOM Board

TAOM Secretary/Treasurer Mary Cay Gold was born in Kentucky, but, as she proudly asserts, got to Texas as soon as she could.

She remembers fondly watching magicians with her father and playing on the stage of the Delta Queen during riverboat trips to Coney Island. A degree from Northern Kentucky University established her as a teacher and accountant. She currently holds the position of area manager for the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, where she has been employed since 1977.

Romance drew Mary Cay into the world of magic and the allied art of balloon twisting  She’s happy to be called a Balloonatic and an Artiste de Inflatique. A natural organizer, she volunteered for her first Austin magic auction in 1985. She has served Austin’s IBM Ring 60 and SAM Assembly 206 well, holding the various offices of newsletter editor (for ten years), Sergeant-at-Arms, Secretary/Treasurer, Vice President, and President. She is a life member of SAM and was registrar of the 1993 TAOM convention in Austin. Mary Cay was elected Secretary/Treasurer of TAOM in 2002 and continues to do an excellent job of maintaining membership records and managing the finances.

In addition to sharing her talents as an entertainer and holding down a full-time job, she also works independently as a licensed massage therapist. She and husband Mike own and operate Gold Star Appaloosa Horse Farm where they breed and raise Appaloosa horses. She and Mike live between Austin and Bastrop with 15 horses, 8 doves, 3 cats, 3 dogs, 2 parrots and a school of fish.

The TAOM is lucky to have this multi-talented lady as Secretary/Treasurer. Thank you, Mary Cay.


Magic Around Texas

“The Magic of Austin Youth”

I.B.M. Ring 60 and The Kent Cummins Magic Camp proudly announce “ The Magic of Austin Youth,” a full day of magic benefiting the Magic Camp scholarship fund. The date is Sunday, October 26, 2008…the first day of National Magic Week!

One World Theatre in Austin, Texas, is the venue for exciting entertainment all day and into the night.

  • Children’s Magic Matinee
  • A Little Night Magic (sophisticated sorcery for adults)
  • John Maverick performing “Free Houdini Escape”
  • Strolling magicians, magic classes, and a magic store
  • Jugglers and juggling classes
  • Unicyclists, balloon twisters, and fortune tellers
  • Puppet shows, carnival games, and food & drink
  • Silent auctions one for kids only and one for everyone (Your donations of magic and non-magic items are most welcome)

For information, go to http://www.magiccamp.com/, call 512-288-1596, or email kent@magiccamp.com

Come one, come all for a delightful day of magic and fun.


“Honorable Mention”

Hats off to long-time TAOM member Ed Solomon. He will be the guest of honor at the 17th annual convention of the Inner Circle of Bizarre Magicians. Ed, past president of IBM Ring 18 in San Antonio, is an author, composer, and performer. He writes a monthly column entitled “Storytelling is Magic” in Linking Ring Magazine. Visit his website at http://www.denomolos.com/ Congratulations, Ed!


Spotlight  on Houston

TAOM 2009 Convention Chairman Richard “Dick” Olson was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevaa. He is proud to have organized and served as president of the first magic club in that city. In 1960, when Dick was in high school, a Boy’s Life magazine ad led him to discover magic and (eventually) to Bob Council, who encouraged and taught him and his peers. This group of young men opened up the town’s clubs and civic organizations to magic. Johnny Paul was another important mentor of the group.

Under the stage name “Olyson”, Dick performs his stage magic at trade shows, corporate functions, conventions, and adult parties.

Dick’s position  as Senior Account Manager with a national telecommunications firm takes him across the country often, but when he isn’t working he enjoys woodworking and building magic props. Dick and his wife moved to the Houston area in 1984. They have two grown daughters, one of whom frequently assists in his magic show.

The various magic club’s in Houston benefit greatly from his willingness to serve as finance officer and advisor. TAOM is fortunate to have his capable services for the 2009 convention.


2009  Convention Update

Personal considerations and concerns have taken precedence over convention planning and updates in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike. Almost everything came to a stand still until power was restored any where from a week to more than 21 days in some instances. Magicians helping magicians has been the norm and we are very proud of the responses to requests for help in so many specific instances,  The S.A.M. relief fund has been a blessing to several area magi who were in desperate need of immediate funds to help them get back on their feet. Many members of the local magic club have opened  their hearts and their homes to those who suffered losses.

Despite the hardships in many areas, convention planning continues. We are happy to report that registrations keep coming in along with the offers of help. Several more dealers have also registered. By the way dealer table reservation prices go up on November 1. If you plan to sell your wares, get in touch with dealer Chairman Scott Wells right away to take advantage of discounted dealer pricing. Email: scottwells@taom2009.com Telephone 713-524-0147 or 281 -772-6014.


Final Thoughts

I’m really looking forward to the first of my visits to TAOM member clubs. Austin S.A.M. Assembly 206 has graciously invited me to  be part of their program on October 20th. I’ll also take the opportunity to talk about the benefits of membership in the TAOM and my goals for our association this year. If you’re in the neighborhood, please join me at the S.A.M. 206 meeting on Monday, October 20 at 7:00 p.m. at the Austin Omni Hotel at Southpark, 4140 Governor’s Row (southwest corner of I-35 and Highway 71).

I hope to visit each of the members clubs  throughout the state in 2009, as well as a few new clubs that are not yet members of TAOM. Personal note to magic club presidents: if you would like for me to schedule a visit to your regular club meeting or a special event, please get in touch with me right away.

To your continued success,
Scott Hollingsworth
713-271-2114 or 361-972-3430

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