March 2009

The President’s Message

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFort Worth magicians were enthusiastic in welcoming us to their club meeting on March 5.  I gave a brief outline of what the TAOM is all about and the many benefits of membership. Then I talked a bit about strolling magic and performed a few of my favorite effects. The large crowd in the excellent library meeting room was attentive and appreciative. Greeting old friends is always a pleasure and I enjoyed meeting the faces that match the names of those who have already registered for the convention in September. Thank you, guys and gals, for your hospitality.

Now, it’s off to Lake Charles for a similar gathering on March 16.  Then comes San Antonio on April 16 and Dallas on June 16.  Hmmm… 16 must be my lucky number!

If your magic club is interested in a visit, please let me know.


Get to Know Your TAOM History

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA recent trip to Austin afforded me the opportunity to visit the site of the origins of our great organization.  Ramon Galindo showed me the present-day location of Herman Yerger’s lodge where the first TAOM picnic was held — before there was a TAOM!  We walked the grassy slope and stood under the shade of a gigantic oak tree that was probably just an acorn when magicians gathered from across the State for that first picnic sixty -three years ago.  Nothing is left, of course, of the Yerger Lodge, nor does the surrounding neighborhood hold any of the rustic appeal that our predecessors must have felt.

While not exactly hallowed ground, it gave me a sense of history and belonging to walk where they walked. Their foresight and vision created this association that has withstood the test of time to become a viable force to bind those of us for whom magic is a passion.

When you are next in Austin, take South Congress Avenue out to Wasson Road; turn left and look for the big oak and open field on your right.  It may not be the exact spot where that first group of magi pledged their allegiance to our cause, but it is close enough to give you goosebumps.


Magic Across Texas

austioneers_copyDavid Hira, Kent Cummins, Scott Wells — the three Muskateers they’re not, but these knowledgeable, entertaining auctioneers will help you understand what you’re bidding for and make you laugh as they squeeze another dime from your wallet. The 28th annual Austin magic auction on April 18, 2009, is not to be missed.

As if the hundreds of magic bargains, both on -stage and on the silent auction tables were not enough to entice you to come to Austin for the weekend, you will have the unbelievable opportunity to attend the Texas Magic Collector’s Meeting on Friday, April 17th, at the home (castle, really) of Richard Garriott. He’s that world-famous magician/video game icon/astronaut who recently took a fantastic trip to the International Space Station. He will give the magicians a personal tour of the home that he designed, replete with secret passages and a room without an apparent entrance. You’ll also see an authentic vampire killing kit, the indoor/outdoor pool, as well as Garriott’s outstanding collection of magic and automata. This is an evening you will not forget!

But wait…there’s more! One of Austin’s treasures is Ray Anderson.  Illusionist, actor, director and all-around-nice guy, Ray is featured every week at  Esther’s Follies, a live musical review show filled with comedy, music and, of course, magic.

Special arrangements have been made to help magicians see the show. Call 512-320-0553 or 512-320-0198 to reserve tickets for shows April 16,17 and 18. Mention the Austin Magic Auction and you will get reserved seating close to the stage for the same price as general admission. That’s a 20% savings!

For complete information about the auction and these other exciting events, go to the website:


Spotlight on Houston

doug_kornegay_prez18The magic bug bit Houstonian Douglas Kornegay at age 7 when he got a Gilbert Mysto Magic kit for Christmas.  His interest grew, evolving to performances at Boy Scout meetings, churches, and eventually paying birthday party shows, school assemblies, full evening stage shows, and theatre tours.

Douglas married his beautiful wife Donnie while serving in the military special services during the Korean conflict.  His next gig involved demonstrating yo-yos around the world, also performing magic with Donnie as his assistant throughout the U.S. and Latin America.

Doug’s long history of service to magic organizations includes holding every position in Houston’s I.B.M. Ring 39 and S.A.M. Assembly 19. He was awarded the International Brotherhood of Magicians Order of Merlin Excalibur and is a fifty-year member of S.A.M. He has served as Regional Vice-President for both I.B.M. and S.A.M.

The Texas Association of Magicians is fortunate to have had him as a member for over fifty years. He served as secretary/treasurer for the Association nine years and as president for the 1989 magic convention in Houston. His skill as a magician earned the Best of Convention trophy in 1966.

His long association with the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees makes him a perfect fit as Production Director for the 2009 TAOM convention. We are grateful to have his skill and experience in that position.


Convention Update

galindo_with_medallianBIG NEWS FROM HOUSTON!  The 2009 TAOM Convention will be dedicated to Ramon Galindo.  His long history of service to our association and his devotion to our art make him most deserving of this honor. Numerous awards and honors from across the U.S. and throughout Mexico attest to his skill as a master magician. His numerous students prove his willingness to share his knowledge.  His legacy of volunteering his time and talents to record TAOM convention performances on film and tape for over forty years is unequaled in the annals of our association.

We are proud to honor him and hope you will let him know how much we appreciate his service to magic and to the Texas Association of Magicians. The 2009 Souvenir Program will offer an opportunity for you to express your sentiments in print. Look for an update on the convention website very soon.

Final Thoughts

I am really looking forward to to the mid-year meeting of the TAOM Board of Directors. I hope every single member of the Board can attend.  We have several items of import to discuss.  Besides that, the meetings are always fun and friendly.  If you are in Houston on Saturday, March 28, around 2 o’clock, stop by the Omni Riverway and watch the Board in action.  If you can arrive at 1:30, please join me and a hotel representative for a grand tour of the facilities.

I am extremely pleased that the Houston convention committee chose Ramon Galindo to honor at the 2009 convention.  I can think of no other Texas magician more worthy.

Presto-change-o!  Poof…. I’m gone, but I will reappear next month.  See you then.

Scott Hollingsworth, President

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