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President’s Message
TAOM 2010 & Street Festival
Bits and Pieces of Interesting Stuff
Magic: The Science of Wonder
Ben Wins Big!
Broken Wands
The Last Word
President’s Messagehull_youngblood_headshot_copyExcitement grows and adrenaline kicks in and it’s a good thing!  Otherwise, everyone in Austin who is working so many hours to bring you the 2010 TAOM Convention would be hiding under a rock!
Seriously, folks, the team of tireless Austin magicians has answered the call to duty above and beyond.  So many people have volunteered so many hours that I can never thank them enough.  As TAOM President, my ideas and dreams for a great convention have blossomed under this team’s care and attention.

I know you will enjoy the convention and I hope you have time to stop by to talk to me.  I’d like to shake the hand of every one there! 

Hull Youngblood
2010 TOAM President


TAOM 2010 & Austin’s First Street Magic Festivaldoc_and_kent_street_magic
September 2, 2010,
6 p.m
. to 2 a.m. – Red River and 6th Street in downtown Austin

Convention:September 3-6, 2010,
at the Austin Sheraton



The Austin Street Magic Festival will feature world-class performers (magicians, musicians, jugglers, clowns, puppeteers, ventriloquists, balloon twisters, and maybe even some weird people) on Austin’s famous Sixth Street for this gala in the heart of the Austin entertainment district.  For more information, check out

www.AustinStreetMagic.com or call (512) 537-9439 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (512) 537-9439 FREE  end_of_the_skype_highlighting.Free bus shuttle service is available from the Sheraton Austin Hotel at the Capitol.


This exciting new adventure in the world of entertainment is the brainchild of Stanley “Doc” Seaton.His enthusiasm and creative genius combined with the management skills of Kent Cummins are sure to make this first street festival a rousing success.




More than 60 registered magicians for the convention have opted to come to Austin a day early, either to attend or to be a part of the FREE FESTIVAL. Street performances, platforms on the street and in several clubs, open-mike segments, contests, and FUN!You, too, can get into the act!That’s right; performers attending the TAOM Convention are eligible for special credentials allowing them to perform in the Austin entertainment district for one night only during the Austin Street Magic Festival.There will be a magic club booth at the festival where you can check in that night and get your special souvenir performer’s badge.



What a great way to kick off TAOM 2010!



Make your hotel reservation now if you haven’t already done so.  The special convention rate of $99 will last only as long as the reserved block of rooms does.  After that, it will cost $209 for the same room.  Go to
www.taom2010.com and click on the “Hotel” button.



Another bargain will soon be gone convention registration is $195 now, but will go up to $250 after August 13,



Check out the Austin TAOM 2010 Convention website
http://www.taom2010.com for details about such famous performers asMax Maven, Michael Weber, Eric DeCamps, Whit “Pop” Haydn, Dan & Dave, Jeff McBride,  Paul Vigil, Chad Long,  John Lovick,  Bill Goodwin, Bob Kohler, Alfonso,  Toby Travis, Lance Pierce,Michael Tallon, Doug Gorman,  Trigg Burrage, Vincent Villamonte, and many more.


TAOM 2010 starts Friday, September 3, but the MAGIC starts Thursday night, September 2, at 6:00 pm. (“You gotta be there!”)


The “official” TAOM activities don’t start until Friday, but we’ll have the registration desk at the hotel open on Thursday for the many people who are coming one day early.  Why one day early?

Bits and Pieces of Interesting Stuff
International Coup

Long-time TAOM member and our Associations’ number one overseas spokesman Eric Inagaki, also know as Fumio, has raised the awareness of American magic through his relationship with the American Embassy in Tokyo.  He has performed at Embassy functions many times, most recently at the invitation of the new American Ambassador to Japan for an international celebration of the 234th anniversary of American Independence.The gala feted many U.S. and American dignitaries and their families.  Eric said he’ll see everyone at the TAOM in Austin.


Cody Fisher
is bringing his award-winning magic to Houston on August 14 for Jamie Salinas’ Top Talent Productions show at the Hilton Americas in downtown Houston.  Go to

http://show.magicbyjamie.com/shop/page/?shop_param= for details and ticket information.

Cody will amaze you with his skill and charm you with his wit. He is one of the most in-demand entertainers in the world today! His unique blend of stand-up comedy mixed with mind blowing magic has taken him all across the United States and to over 15 countries worldwide.

In 1998 he won the prestigious T.A.O.M. award for best close up magic in Texas and in May of 2000, the Society of American Magicians’ magazine MUM described Cody as “The Hottest Rising Star on the Magic Horizon for the 21st Century”.In 2005, Cody was awarded the prestigious Columnist of The Year award for his monthly column in MUM.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see Cody.  Remember: Saturday, August 14 at the Hilton Americas at 7:00 p.m.

San Antonio Author Makes the Big Time

Prolific author and Linking Ring’s storytelling columnist Ed Solomon will have several new books released soon.  Money Matters is scheduled to make its debut in September, following by a gospel magic book, Heart and Soul, in mid-winter.Springtime will see publication of his What is Behind the Doors.

Get Well, Joanie

TAOM’s own Joan Lehr is slowly recovering from a recurrence of cancer that was diagnosed eight years ago and resurfaced in June in her spine and leg.  Continuing physical therapy managed by “doctor” Chuck is the order of the day in hopes of regaining mobility.After months of being in one hospital or another, the Lehrs are extremely happy to be at home again.  Send Joanie your thoughts and regards to
KlownChuck@aol.com or 4324 Woodbluff Drive, Mesquite, TX 75150. 

New Officers for San Antonio IBM Ring 18

Doug and Fran Gorman
recently hosted the 11th Annual IBM Ring 18 picnic and installation of officers at their lovely San Antonio home.The new president is Dave King, with Ray Adams as Vice President, Geoffrey Sadowski Secretary/Treasurer, and Dwayne Stanton Sergeant-at-Arms.  Congratulations, guys.

Big Doin’s in Big “D”


Dal and Cinde Sanders

will host their annual pool party and magic blow-out on Sunday, July 25 from 3:00 p.m. until who-knows-when.Magicians from all over are invited to join them for food, fun, and frivolity.3316 Northaven, Dallas.  RSVP to 214-902-9200.

Magic: The Science of Wondermuseum_magi_copy 

Now playing at the Houston Museum of Natural Science: live magic and magic historical memorabilia.

The magic exhibit currently featured at the Houston Museum of Natural Science is unique in having secured the services of some of the world’s leading magicians to act as “living artifacts,” giving performances both close up and on the stage as an integral part of the exhibit. According to HMNS President Joel Bartsch
, As fascinating as the artifacts are by themselves, we became convinced that they were only “complete” when they were accompanied by performances in our case both live and taped. It is only when these artifacts are animated and brought to life by talented magicians that the dialogue loop between the artifact and the museum visitor is completed.

Magic comes to life during live magic performances in the exhibition every day. You will enjoy close-up magic from strolling entertainers as well as live stage shows in the exhibition every hour on the hour from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.For more information, go to


Among the many intriguing artifacts are torches for fire eating; magic lanterns and automatons; Harry Houdini’s trademark milk can and water escape trunk; Harry Blackstone’s “Zig-Zag Girl”; Doug Young’s Levitating Tire; Mike Caveney’s linking coat hangers; a rapping hand; and items from the acts of Doug Henning, Penn & Teller, and other superstars of magic.There’s even a “thrill ride” of sorts, five minutes inside a replica of Hermann the Great’s railroad car.

The magic exhibit will run only through September 6, so don’t miss the opportunity to witness the “Science of Wonder” and scheduled performances by (photos from top to bottom) Scott Hollingsworth, The Rhythm of Magic (Michael Blanco and Jessica), Harry Maurer, Ben Jackson, Curt Miller.


This exhibit has been a great spotlight for magic with international recognition of our importance in the world of history and the performing arts.Don’t let the time slip away, visit the Houston Museum of Science before September 6, 2010, to see this exciting blending of magic and science.


BEN WINS BIG!filename
IBM Winner!  Ben Jackson has won yet another award! He took first place at the International Brotherhood of Magicians competition held in San Diego, California, in the Close-Up Magic category earlier this month.This contest features the best magicians in the world and Texas’ own Ben Jackson took the top honor!


Ben was president of the Order of Aggie Illusionists before he graduated from Texas A & M University and is currently a member of Houston IBM Ring 39 and SAM 19.



Broken Wands

Glenn Falkenstein
was a staunch supporter of TAOM and all things magic.He died on July 4, 2010, after several months of declining health.  Frances Willard Falkenstein, daughter of Texas’ own Willard the Wizard, was Glenn’s devoted wife since 1984.  They achieved international acclaim with presentations of Willard’s famous Spirit Cabinet
and as mentalists with their own rapid-fire mindreading routine.  Glenn will be missed in magic circles the world over, by all Texas magicians, and most especially by his family that included Frances’ children Hannah and Michael Ammar, Margot and Jim Timon, and Aaron and Lucianne Tucker.Please send your condolences to Frances and the family at12710 Silver Radiance, San Antonio, TX 78230.


Some of the laughter is gone from Wichita Falls with the passing of Ray Cage, on July 9 after a battle with pancreatic cancer.Ray’s ever-present smile and comedic disposition, kept friends, family and audiences entertained through his activities as a professional magician and as a singer in barbershop quartets. He a member of the Order of Willard and hardly ever missed a TAOM convention.His wife Mary would appreciate your remembrances of Ray; send them to  5104 Kingston, Wichita Falls, TX 76310.


Gene Jeffries, former owner of Dallas’ renowned Mecca of magic, Magicland, died on July 2, 2010.He became mentor and friend to many Dallas area magicians over many years after he purchased Magicland in 1970.


The Last Word

With instant communication around the globe rampant today, this newsletter may seem a bit old-fashioned, but I make no apologies.  TAOM is over sixty years old and that doesn’t dim its luster or diminish its importance. Magicians maintain and continue to increase interest in our special niche in the entertainment world.  I hope this newsletter will add, in some small way, to that growth by connecting magicians across Texas and the world. Please share it with anyone who may not be on the mailing list. It’s free!  Send me contact information for anyone who might like to be part of our growing family.  You don’t have to be a member of TAOM — an interest in magic is your admission ticket.  I would especially like to include information from magicians who don’t belong to an organized magic club.  Please tell me who you are and what’s happening in your town.

’til next month,
Judy Donaldson, Editor
Magic Across Texas


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