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Fort Worth Update
Fort Worth Excitement
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Message from the President


With a new year and an opportunity to start fresh, I thought I would paraphrase some words our friend Isaiah shared with me. An experienced performer in his own right, he has some advice that we could all do well to follow.

  • Practice
  • Clean up your act
  • Remove the extraneous
  • Repair your equipment
  • Dress well
  • Present yourself respectfully
  • Stop being negative
  • Start being positive
  • Treat your audience with respect
  • Be gracious to everyone
  • Entertain the children
  • Honor the elders
  • Enjoy the magic

Have a great new year!
Bill Irwin
2014 TAOM President

Fort Worth Update

houdini_hangingIf you are a member of the TAOM you already know we will be updating you with video clips and information on the upcoming convention. If you are not a member and would like to be included on the update distributions, send me a note at president@taom2014.com and I will add you to the list.

If you are already registered for the 2014 convention, you are eligible to have your name in the drawing to be among a limited number of lucky souls who will have the opportunity to tour Arthur Moses’ “Houdini Museum”.  It is almost time to draw again, so if you are interested send a note to president@taom2014.com with ‘Houdini’ in the Subject line.

Here are two links to video clips from Arthur’s wonderful collection:

Ciao, Bill

Remember, the website at www.FortWorthMagiciansClub.com has links to the FlashPaper newsletter for a variety of articles and convention updates.  You can also follow TAOM 2014 events and discussions on the TAOM Convention Facebook Page!

If you haven’t entered the TAOM contest yet, let a couple of past winners give you some incentive — go to http://youtu.be/q_hupA_2VkM

Contact our Contest Chairman now at contest@taom2014.com

Fort Worth Excitement


One of the privileges of organizing the TAOM convention is the opportunity to find those wonderful personalities that excel at what they do, and are willing to share. Fortunately we have several lined up and here is one of the best.  Shel Higgens is one of those rare individuals who approaches his work with a great deal of discipline, becoming one of the best in the business.

The first time I met Shel, I knew he was “different” when he told me what I will call the ‘Happy Daddy’ story. I will save that story for him to share. For now, I will share this:  A few years back, Shel jumped head first into the world of street performing. In route, he has worked with the best and has incorporated his knowledge of magic, escapes and physical endurance into an amazing act, and at the TAOM 2014 Convention you will see Shel bringing the street to the Casa stage.

In addition, Shel will be sharing what he has learned going ‘pro’ and what it takes to get to the top.

The photo shows why Shel’s act is described as being on steroids. For any high level performer, jump roping on a unicycle with a sword down your throat would be enough. Add fire and extend the unicycle to 6 feet and you have a one of a kind performance that no sane performer would duplicate. Therein lies my only concern: With only nine months to the convention, I really need him to stay alive.

Shel is one of a kind and by the time the convention comes around I expect everyone will have heard about him – now you will have a chance to see him. Can’t wait? Go to www.Shelshow.com ! Register at taom2014.com!


January 20, Corpus Christi – Scott Hollingsworth workshop/lecture on restaurant magic — how to get the gig and how to keep it.  Red Lobster, 5825 SPID.  6:00 p.m. for dinner with the workshop following.  Visit www.corpuschristimagic.com for details.

January 22, Houston – Karl Hein lecture at 7:30 p.m. at Bayou Manor, 4141 South Braeswood.  Go to www.houstonmagic.com for more information.

January 25, Lockhart – Family Magic Show at the Gaslight Baker Theatre.  Details at www.gaslightbakertheatre.org and in the “Bits & Pieces” column of this newsletter.

January 25, Fort Worth – Karl Hein lecture at 6:00 p.m. in the Party and Magic Room of The Illusion Warehouse, 3917 McCart Avenue.

January 26, Dallas – Karl Hein lecture at 2:00 p.m. at Spaghetti Warehouse Banquet Room (back corner on the left), 1517 N. Central Expressway in Plano.  Go to http://www.thats-impossible.com/lectures.htm for more information.

January 29, San Antonio – Karl Hein lecture.  Contact Michael Tallon for more information.

January 30, Austin – Karl Hein lecture at 7:00 p.m. in the Fantastic Magic Camp venue at Highland Mall.  Contact Peter the Adequate for more information.

February 5, San Antonio – Nathan Kranzo lecture.  Contact Michael Tallon for more information.

February 6, Fort Worth – Nathan Kranzo lecture at the regular magic club meeting of the Fort Worth Magicians at 7:00 pm in the Energy Auditorium of Tarrant County College’s downtown Trinity River Campus, 300 Trinity Campus Circle.

February 8, Fort Worth – Marc Salem lecture at 6:00 p.m. at The Illusion Warehouse Party Room and Magic Theatre, 3917 McCart Avenue.

February 9, Dallas – Marc Salem lecture at 2:00 p.m. at Spaghetti Warehouse Banquet Room (back corner on the left), 1517 N. Central Expressway in Plano.  Go to http://www.thats-impossible.com/lectures.htm for more information.

February 11, Houston – Marc Salem lecture at 7:30 p.m. at the ISTSE Hall, 3030 North Freeway.  Go to www.houstonmagic.com for more information.

February 19, San Antonio – Marc Salem lecture.  Contact Michael Tallon for more information. 

February 23. Houston – Annual Installation Banquet and Show at 4:00 p.m. at SPJST Hall, 1435 Beall Street.   Go to www.houstonmagic.com for more information.

February 24 through March 2 – Doug & Fran Gorman at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. April 4, Austin – Texas Collector’s Meeting.  Friday night before the Austin Magic Auction.  Go to www.austinmagicauction.com as the time gets closer for details.

April 5, Austin – World Famous Magic Auction.  Go to www.austinmagicauction.com for more information.

2014 Austin Magic Auction


Make plans NOW for the World Famous Austin Magic Auction – April 5, 2014

This year’s auction will be dedicated to a kind and generous supporter of the Austin Magic Community, Doctor Stanley Seaton (aka “Doc Seaton”).  His passion for magic has greatly advanced the art with his leadership, creative energy, and motivational skills. His enthusiasm and positive influence has impacted the magic community in innumerable ways. doc_seaton

Plans for the 2014 Austin Magic Auction are in full swing.  The website http://austinmagicauction.com has been updated for this year. The Austin Magic Auction is the largest, best attended magic auction in Texas.  Nearly 300 people attended in 2013 with over $25,000 in sales.  If you have never attended this auction, you are in for a treat.  It’s exciting and fun!

If you would you like to be a seller in the “World Famous 2014 Austin Magic Auction” (sponsored by SAM Assembly 206) all you have to do is send an email to Trixie@trixiebond.com to receive your seller number for 2014.

The forms and instructions to be a seller are also on the website: http://austinmagicauction.com/forms-and-documents.html  Sellers will be charged 12% of the selling price (this goes to SAM Assembly 206.)  There is no buyer’s premium or charge for an unsold item.

For those of you traveling from out of town, please make your hotel reservations soon.  Hotel information is on the website. http://austinmagicauction.com/area-hotels.html

Bits and Pieces of Interesting Stuff

website_bannerCorpus Christi Magic is Soaring – Along with the seagulls and sea breezes, magic is in the air in Corpus Christi.  Newly-elected President Scott Hollingsworth, Vice President Don Stiefel, and Secretary/Treasurer Joe Douglas welcomed over 30 members and guests at the installation dinner in December.  Plans are to continue the second Sunday shows for patients staying at the Ronald McDonald House and have a workshop later in the month to focus on a specific subject.  If you would like to share your specialty, please get in touch with Scott


Family Magic Show in Lockhart –
Comedy!  Magic!  Ventriloquism!  Fun for all!
Starring Paul Amerson, David Pitts, and
John Murphy.
January 25 with shows at 2 and 6 p.m. at the
Gaslight Baker Theatre, 216 South main in
Lockhart.  Tickets are only $5 per person, with
one free ticket with each paid child ticket.

Fort Worth Magic Awards – More than 60 people attended the Fort Worth Magic Clubs’ annual installation banquet.  Michael Stein earned Fort Worth Magician of the Year award and out-going president Larry Heil accepted the club’s thanks along with a plaque and presentation wand.  International Society of Magicians President Dal Sanders presented a Presidential Citation to Bruce Chadwick.

Criss Angel will be on hiatus beginning in February during his shoulder surgery and subsequent recovery. During this three month period, the Cirque du Soleil show, “Believe”, will continue but with a few “fill-in” acts. One of the performers will be Banachek, the World’s Number One Thought Reader, who will deliver a 12 minute act that will include some of his mind stunning effects. If you are in the Las Vegas area, be sure to see the show, sans Criss, at the Luxor Casino.

Monday Night Magic in Arlington
Magic aficionados meet informally every Monday evening at Humperdink’s Restaurant at Six Flags in Arlington. Anyone interested in magic is welcome to attend.

Magic at the Houston Improv
Magical entertainers Ted Schwank and Carter Blackburn take you on a high-energy adventure of magic, illusion, and comedy. Details at

Second Saturday Magic Sale at Magic, Etc., 9:00 a.m., Forest Park Blvd. at I-30 in Fort Worth.

Family Magic in McKinney
Second Saturday Family Magic Shows at Main Street Magic and Fun Company, 2111 North Tennessee.  Call 972-542-5010 for reservations; tickets are $10 each; seating is limited to only 20 patrons.

B Magic Children’s Shows
Saturdays at 5:00 and 6:30 and Sunday at 1:00 and 2:30.  1903 West Pioneer Parkway in Arlington.  Call 817-795-0404.

Comedy and Magic for All Ages at the Arlington Improv every Sunday at 2:00.  This show is designed to have you in awe no matter your age!  With a combination of comedy and magic, the FUN doesn’t stop.  Go to www.improve.com for more details or call 817-635-5555.

The Last Word

judy_passportAs I put the final touches on this newsletter, I am thinking about tomorrow.  We are driving to Austin to attend the Annual Banquet and Show.  Ring 60 in Austin is my magic “home” — the club I first joined in the early seventies.  (Now don’t go adding up the years — I was a mere child.)  Since those days, my magic home has expanded to include the whole state and I love it!  I maintain membership in three IBM and two SAM clubs.  Other clubs around the state are kind enough to provide complimentary assess to their newsletter and membership.  Of course, we can’t attend every meeting every month, but we do make enough of them to keep life interesting. 

Right now, I’m most excited about the re-emergence of the IBM club in Corpus Christi.  Membership had fallen off considerably in the past few years and many young people in the city don’t even know there was a magic club.  Scott and I are spending considerable time and effort to “grow” the club to bring it back to the glory days when magicians from all over the State (and the country) jumped at the chance to “go to the coast” for a magic convention. 

The installation meeting was a huge success and the upcoming lecture has everyone excited.  Old-timers and new-comers alike have welcomed us with open arms and heartily endorse our efforts to make magic soar in Corpus Christi.  We’d appreciate your help along the way.
                                   Judy Hollingsworth
TAOM Club Coordinator



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