2017 Performers


Without a doubt Bizzaro is one of the most creative people in the business today. He’s appeared on AGT, Masters of Illusion, Fox, and NBC. He has been a consultant for many programs including Wizard Wars and a new program set to air next year featuring the Illusionists Adam Trent. He actually fooled Dr. Rubik with his cube. He has made magic for other magicians including David Copperfield.

Not only can he make or improve tricks, he also is a first-rate director who, in his words, “can make your show suck a lot less.” Who is this? It is Texas’s own though now Las Vegas based Bizzaro, the Optical Illusionist making his TAOM debut (unless you count the times he competed many, many years ago). Bizzaro will be performing, presenting a lecture and generally hanging around to talk with you. He is one who is very approachable and knowledgeable. And did I say creative? Yeah really creative. An all around great guy.

Gregory Wilson will be featured for the first time at the TAOM. Gregory will be seen both on stage, in close-up and he will be lecturing. A triple threat. Actually, quadruple because Gregory also will be in our dealer room. He has been traveling the country a bit with Penguin dealing and lecturing at their Magic EXPOs. He has some terrific effects including his Rubik’s cube. We’re also working on something special for one of the evenings
Gregory Wilson

Christian and Katalina

Christian and Katalina bring a great mix of magic, mentalism and comedy to their act. It is unlike anything you have seen. This past November they rocked the Magic Castle’s Palace in their first appearance there. You see, they don’t get out much by choice because Christian and Katalina are on a 7 year run at the Hilton Hotel in Indianapolis, a nice regular gig. Previously, they did lots of road work but found it got old. Today, they do leave home once and a while for corporate events and the Castle and this year, we are fortunate to have them appearing at TAOM.

You may also know of Christian as a columnist for M-U-M where he’s been writing for several years—Working in the Real World. Together they also have written a popular book on mentalism called Protoplasm. In the book, Christian talks about the transition from straight magic to mentalism. Turns out a lot of the effects he was doing had a mental aspect so why not embrace it. If you think mentalism is boring, then you haven’t seen Christian and Katalina. You will love the act and you will love them.

David will be with us for our gala show where he will channel both Harry Blackstone, Jr. and Willard the Wizard presenting effects from both! David also will be the guest of honor for the Order of Willard luncheon—we’re doing a luncheon because you already get the full free breakfast—where he will talk about the Willard family based on his book about them. David’s lecture is about taking old tricks and making them new again. There are a lot of classics that have fallen by the wayside in the search for what’s new. His advice is sometimes old is very new because they haven’t been seen in years.
David Charvet
Brent Braun
For the close-up people we will have Brent Braun from Penguin who will be showcasing his talents which often are hidden because he’s so busy selling at the Magic Expos across the country. Brent not only comes up with his own effects but also consults with others to help them perform better. His lecture is sure to be terrific.
Doug Anderson hails from extremely far north Dallas…well actually Oklahoma but his first really magic experience was at Jeffries Magicland in downtown Dallas. For nearly 40 years, Doug has been entertaining audiences from the Magic Castle to 5 star cruise ships all over the world. Doug began his career, in the Boogie Woogie Magic Shop at Six Flags over Texas. During that time, Doug got to watch the Paul Osborne produced magic show at the park. Paul eventually hired Doug and took a chance on him. Paul gave a start to many magicians and we will be honoring him at this year’s convention.
Doug Anderson


You may have seen Shimshi on Wizard Wars or maybe on America’s Got Talent where he was the last magician standing in 2008. Shimshi does not normally do magic conventions because of his busy schedule. He is the resident magician at the Wynne Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. He was part of the Wynn’s featured show Le Reve but right now he is working on a whole new show for the Resort. He’s been performing illusions for 23 years and was a 3 time consecutive winner of the Magic Olympics by the Academy of Magical Arts in Hollywood. But Vegas is his home now and spent two years at the Mirage, then at the Sahara at the World’s Greatest Magic Show and at the V variety show at Planet Hollywood. That was before Steve Wynn asked him to make the Wynn his home. This will be an act you don’t want to miss.

You may have heard of The Other Brothers and their hit new trick BARE… but that’s not their only claim to fame.  For the past four years, The Other Brothers have been the magical force behind some top named magicians. They’ve also created countless effects, saving the best for only themselves and their audiences. Last year all that changed. Not only did you find them lecturing and performing at places like Magi-Fest and Blackpool, they’ve also begun publishing the impressive library of effects that they’ve built up over the years. This duo is not to be missed. Here is your opportunity to sit down and learn some of this wonderful magic from these two hidden gems. You will see them perform on both stage and close-up and give a great lecture on Friday (you are getting two for the price of one) so get there early!

Other Brother

Naathan Phan

Naathan Phan is that rare combination of a Scottish and Asian magician. He was born in Scotland, but grew up in Orange County California. While Naathan has done moves and television galore, I first saw him in the touring Masters of Illusion show where he killed. Naathan is regularly featured at the Castle and will be at the Genii convention. He is not only a magician but also a comedian, singer, writer and even an Eagle Scout. Naathan won on Wizard Wars and will be a part of our Wizard Wars Live event.